An Interview with Chris Bradford (Past President 2002-2003)

Chris Bradford is currently employed at Carrier Corporation where he had worked for over 16 years.

Question: What was the highlight or best memory of your presidency?

Chris: The biggest highlight for me was working with a exceptional team that helped us win the Region XII Best Chapter Award.  Everyone gave a lot of time and effort to help the Central FL Chapter stand out from its peers.

Q: The Shrimp Boil was started under your reign. How well was the first shrimp boil attended?

C: At the time there were several well attended social events at other chapters around the region.  We wanted the same for the Central FL Chapter for years to come and through many brainstorming sessions decided on the Shrimp Boil.  Over 175 people attended the first annual Shrimp Boil which was well beyond expectations and a big highlight for the year.  It was a huge team effort led by Dan Cross and was a blast to put together.

Q: How has ASHRAE affected your life both personally and professionally?

C: Personally, I made several life long friends.  Professionally, I developed numerous business contacts, enhanced my leadership and team building skills, and have enjoyed working with many people willing to give their time freely to help promote ASHRAE.

Q: What advice would you give Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) that are thinking of becoming an ASHRAE volunteer?

C: Don’t hesitate, this is the quickest way to learn about ASHRAE and the industry, get exposure among the industry professionals, and have fun doing it.