Dues Increase

Attention all Central Florida ASHRAE Members! The membership promotion committee wants to let you know some important news that came to us from ASHRAE headquarters. Starting on July 1, 2010, Society dues will be increased from $165 to $180. Each year after that, for the next 3 years, Society dues will increase by $5/year.

If you renew your membership by July 1, 2010, you will still get the $165 rate. If your membership expires after July 1, 2010, you can still renew before the increase and save yourself $15! Your renewal date won’t change, you’ll just be renewing your membership early (e.g. your renewal date is 10/31/2010 but you pay your dues on 6/15/2010. Your membership extends out until 10/31/2011).

ASHRAE is also offering a 3-year renewal where you can pay for your first year renewal at the current rate ($165) and the next two years will only be $150 per year. It equals almost $100 saved over the next three years.

There’s some great opportunities to renew your ASHRAE membership and save some money before the change takes effect. Please don’t hesitate to contact Amy Pastor (apastor@x-nth.com) or Amy Weaver (amyw@c-p.com) with any questions that you may have. We all look forward to seeing you renew your membership!!