Contribute to ASHRAE Research Promotion (6/9)

Please consider contributing to ASHRAE Research. Every dollar you donate helps develop ASHRAE’s technical expertise which is so vital to our industry. We have all used the ASHRAE Fundamentals, Std. 90.1, Std. 62.1, design guides etc. in our designs and calculations.  ASHRAE Research provides the technical information that fills those charts, tables and graphs.

Please consider a personal donation ($30, $40 or $ 50) -> Use the “Online Contribution Form “and remember to add “Central Florida” as your assigned ASHRAE chapter.  Our industry is counting on you. The deadline in June 30, 2011


OUC- The Reliable One is an ASHRAE Silver Level RP Donor

OUC-The Reliable One is committed to helping its business customers become more energy efficient. That’s why OUC has launched the new Save Your Way Commercial & Industrial Custom Incentive Program offering financial incentives to your clients who install energy efficient upgrades in their facilities. Regardless of the energy saving opportunities your clients may have, you can leverage this new program to enhance projects and improve paybacks. Learn more by calling Kent Hobart at (407) 434-2295 or visiting