50th Anniversary of ASHRAE Central Florida

Welcome to the 2011-2012 ASHRAE Central Florida year!  As promised at the May meeting—ASHRAE and football have returned!  After doubling the salaries of the locked-out chapter volunteers and board members we have an exciting year in store for all of our members and friends!  In addition to having a full-slate of volunteers ready to go for the coming year we are also proud to celebrate a very strong showing by our students at the University of Central Florida where the HVAC System Design team placed third in the ASHRAE Student Design Competition, and the HVAC System Selection Team achieved the “Rising Star” Award for their work on this year’s projects!

This year my presidential theme is “Embracing the past, looking to the future and celebrating the first 50 years of ASHRAE Central Florida”.    Before the end of this ASHRAE Year, our chapter will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in Central Florida and we will be taking time to look back upon each of the first five decades to reminisce on how our chapter became what it is today.  In addition, we will look forward toward the next 50 years of our Chapter; developing our vision of where the chapter will be and what impact it will have on our community and industry in the future.  Will our impact be in the creation of a new research laboratory at the University of Central Florida through our ASHRAE UCF Initiative?  Will our members continue to be the leaders in sustainable design practices and will our chapter play a pivotal role in the development of those professionals?  Is there another area in which our influence will be felt?  I sincerely believe that our impact will be felt in all of the above, and it is our responsibility as members of the world’s leader in the advancement of the art of HVAC design to continue to use the resources we are provided to serve the Central Florida area, the State of Florida and anywhere else our responsibilities take us.

Please join us this September when we welcome ASHRAE society president Ronald Jarnagin to Central Florida and continue to Embrace the past, look to the future and celebrate the 50th anniversary of ASHRAE Central Florida. . .