Winter Conference Planning Update – August 2015

The 2016 ASHRAE Winter Conference will be held in Orlando, FL on January 23-27, 2016. The conference will be hosted at the Hilton Orlando located on International Drive next to the Orange County Convention Center. The accompanying AHR Expo will be January 25-27 at the convention center.

The Central Florida Chapter has established a planning committee to assist ASHRAE headquarters in planning and hosting the event. The committee is chaired by former Chapter president and current Chapter governor, Wade Conlan. The committee vice-chair is current Chapter secretary, Kyle Inge. A number of former and current Chapter officers are also on the committee to handle specific tasks from entertainment to technical tours.

As of August, the committee has worked with ASHRAE to select a venue for the Welcome Party on Saturday, January 23rd. The event will be hosted at Sea World’s Ports of Call reception area. Shuttles will be provided from the hotel to the park throughout the night. Jason Alphonso and Todd Moore have been diligently working to setup the social and technical tours. Tours will include such destinations as Kennedy Space Center, Florida Solar Energy Center, The Orlando Eye, and many more.

The committee is also tasked with providing and coordinating  volunteers to monitor the various seminars and technical sessions at the conference. Please contact Paul Albers, Chapter vice-president, and Mike Murphy, Chapter MP Chair, if you are interested in volunteering during the conference.