UCF Initiative – We stand by our Knights ! (9/4)

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Welcome back to another exciting year for the UCF Initiative. Over the summer, we have been busy making
plans for the 2010-2011 school year to elevate ASHRAE and our industry at UCF. I want to take a few moments and give you all a snapshot of what we plan to accomplish this year.

• The most critical component of our involvement at UCF has always been the students. We have a wonderful student chapter that we will continue to support. One of the ways that we can impact the students, and get them excited about our industry, is to ensure that we maintain a CFC presence at each of the meetings. Our goal is to have 1-2 members at each of the meetings to meet the students and answer the questions they have.
• Every year, ASHRAE funds millions in research dollars to universities around the globe; we want some of those millions to come right here to UCF. We are going to work with UCF and the professors to help identify research opportunities and help bring some of the funding here.
• One of our primary goals has always been to help the MMAE Department develop a HVAC track. We are going to continue to pursue this goal with the development of a curriculum review committee to help evaluate what curriculum
should be used.
• We will continue to work with SA with their community involvement as well as promote the ASHRAE Scholarship to the student chapter. Our plate is full this year however, we are very excited to see what we can accomplish this year.

By, Kyle Davis – UCF Initiative Chair, 2010-2011