Past Presidents: Bernie Horne

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A long line of presidents spans the history of ASHRAE Central Florida, with each president having their own story and experience in the presidential role. Bernie Horne was introduced to the HVAC industry as a 19 year old and has stayed involved in the industry ever since. Horne graduated from Merritt Island High School in 1971 and went on to pursue an education at Brevard Community College (BCC) immediately after.

Horne was introduced to the HVAC industry through one of his first jobs. As a part of a high school program, Horne left school at noon every day and spent his afternoons working at an H&R income tax firm making copies of income tax forms. Through observation of the content he was copying, Horne noticed that a career in the HVAC industry would provide him with a good living and he decided to pursue HVAC as his career. After being exposed to the HVAC industry, Horne became an ASHRAE student member at BCC, continued on to become an associate member, and then made his mark as president during the 1994-1995 year.

Comparing the “then and now” of the HVAC industry, Horne has noticed a change in technology
that has benefited machinery and increased the quality in production of HVAC equipment. Horne has a word of advice for young engineers entering the HVAC industry: he says, “There is no perfect job, relationship, or employer. You have to work at everything you do, no matter where you go.” In other words, enjoy where you are at and soak in all the knowledge you can as you learn and grow in the HVAC industry. It takes more than just a good employer to produce positive results and it’s an employee’s responsibility to work hard at their job.

Horne would like to give a shout out to a couple of presidents that preceded him, including
Dwayne Lorenze, Bill Dillard, Todd Morgan, and John Elsea. He still stays in touch with these men and is thankful that ASHRAE brought them together.

A Look Back: The 1980 Chapters Regional Conference

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With the exciting news from this year’s Chapters Regional Conference (CRC), the History Committee decided to dig into our archives and explore CRC’s from years past. As part of our ongoing effort to digitize Chapter historical records, we stumbled upon a treasure trove of information on the 1980 CRC hosted right here in Central Florida some thirty-five years ago.

The 1980 Region XII Chapters Regional Conference was held from October 15-17th at the High-Quality Hotel on International Drive in Orlando, FL. A number of great social and technical events were planned for attendees and their guest, including a golf, tennis, a luau at Sea World and a forum on the future of nuclear power in Florida. Other spouse and social events included a tour of Kennedy Space Center, a visit to the Tupperware factory and a champagne brunch /fashion show at the Orlando Fashion Square Mall. Have a look at the original event program below:

1980 CRC Program

In 1980, Region XII was composed of eight chapters:  Central Florida, Florida West Coast, Gold Coast, Gulfstream, Jacksonville, Miami, Puerto Rico and Southwest Georgia. Director and Regional Chair, J. Wesley Floreth wrote an exceptionally energetic assessment of the Region’s performance leading up to the CRC.

1980 DRC Report to Region

Regional officers and delegates included a number of Central Florida members. John Simonds and Joe McCarthy were the Central Florida delegates to the regional business session. Bill Dillard took over as Regional Vice Chair for Energy Management and helped put together the technical program on nuclear power. Bill even wrote the chapter announcement encouraging our membership to attend the conference. Lucky for Bill, we found that chapter announcement and saved it for posterity’s sake.

1980 Chapter CRC Announcement

The History Committee looks forward to bringing our members even more Chapter history as we continue to sift through the hundreds of documents we’ve received from current and former members. Check back over the coming weeks and months as we begin to build and organize a digital timeline and archive in the History section of our chapter website.

History Committee Begins Digitizing Archives

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The History Committee has recently received a large amount of documents and artifacts related to our Chapter’s history. To ensure this information is saved for future ASHRAE members, the committee is in the process of organizing, scanning and archiving these materials. The ultimate goal is to create a Chapter timeline on this site and allow users to view these pieces of Chapter history. Check back for further updates on the archival progress.