Position Name E-mail
President Nate Boyd
President Elect Burns Bradford
Vice President John Davant
Treasurer Paul Albers
Secretary John Davant
Governor /Immediate Past President Anik Patel
Governor Wade Conlan
Governor John Miller
Governor Todd Moore
Governor Mike Dillard
Membership Promotion Committee Chair Krista Taylor
Calling Committee Chair Krista Taylor
Student Activities Committee Chair Kyle Inge
Historian Tom Goodman
Chapter Technology Transfer Anik Patel
Resource Promotion Chair Jacob Moberg
Web Page Burns Bradford
Dewpoint Editor Paul Albers
Product Directory Tom Edwards
Honors & Awards Anik Patel
Golf Chair Firouz Keikavousi
Grassroots Government Activity Chair Nate Boyd
Sustainability Chair Nate Boyd
Shrimp Boil Chair Dan Cross


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